Dry Stone
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Restoration of dry stone wall

Dry stone wall before works

State of a restanque before works.

Removal and sorting of stones

Meticulous removal and sorting of stones.

Dry stone wall after restoration

After restoration.

The technique of “dry stone” construction consists in assembling stones with no mortar, water is not necessary, hence the name… dry stone. This millennium technique is very present in Provence.

In the bend of a path, maybe you will fall upon a “borie” (a dry stone hut using the vault technique as in corbelled construction), a “restanque”
(a dry stone wall), an “apiès” (a niche with bee hive), a well…which are real works of art lost in the middle of nowhere. Dry stone walls are very practical because they aid drainage and prevent the erosion of the ground. They also have the ability to store heat from the sun in the daytime and restore it during the night. We restore and create every type of stone buildings in dry stone.

Renovation of another type of "restanque" (dry stone wall)

Dry stone wall before restoration


Restanque restoration in Cotignac (83)
(assembly with dry joints)


Dry stone wall restoration in Cotignac (Var 83) Dry stone wall after restoration (Var 83)

Front stone cutting.

Crowning stones pose.


Dry stone staircase restoration and reorganisation

Dry stone staircase before restoration (Var 83) Dry stone staircase after restoration (Var 83)




Dry stone staircase
perpendicular to the restanque

Dry stone stairecase through the wall


Dry stone staircase in a "restanque"

Dry stone staircase (Var 83)

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We signed up to the national charter of dry stone masons which adhere to the following principles :

= > to bring the technical solutions to insure the stability of grounds which are essential in landscape and water management.
= > global approach of sustainable development.

= > protect dry stone works.
= > insure an environmentally-friendly stone supply.
= > apply the rules of craftsmanship corresponding to the constructions of  dry stone breast walls.


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