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Stone "cutting" fountains made to order

Exterior stone kitchen sink Angle fountain

A small exterior kitchen sink

A angle fountain

Angle stone fountain in les Issambres (Var 83)

Small angle fountain in les Issambres (Var 83)


Fountain Saint-Tropez (Var 83)

 A fountain in Saint-Tropez (Var 83)


Stone fountain in Tourtour (Var 83)

A fountain in Tourtour (Var 83)

Fountain in le Thoronet (Var 83)

Stonework fountain in le Thoronet (Var 83)

We create any fountain to our clients’ specifications, as well as ponds and sinks.

Sundial fountain in le Thoronet (Var 83) 

At le Thoronet (Var 83) you can see our sundial fountain on the square in the front of the town hall.
Engravings were realized by hand respecting the traditional techniques. The central element contains a pond which has 24 jets corresponding to the hours of the sundial.

This is a horizontal sundial. Sundials are always calculated from their geographical characteristics. This geographical location is (43°27'08''N of latitude and 6°18'10''E of longitude).
The lines of this sun dial have the peculiarity to correct the longitude and summer time zone.
That is why, the solar hour read on the dial is very close to the hour of our watches.

Those who wish to can enjoy converting the solar hour read on the dial in the hour of our watches by following the indications of the explanatory plate.


Stone fountain in les Issambres (Var 83)

Installation of an interior fountain at les Issambres
(Var 83)

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