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Pierres de Rosette

Master stonemason from « Le Thoronet » (Var 83, PACA area).

We show our work based on cutting and engraving stones.


Our techniques are based on ancient traditions always respecting the rules of craftsmanship.

Dry stone (Var 83)

Discover our activity : restoration of stone walls and edifices in dry stone in Provence…

Stone cutting

Stonework :


Tables, Doorframes, Doorsteps, Windows supports, Gate poses, Fireplaces, Staircases, Benches, Milestones, Sinks, Pedestals, Capitals, Fountains, ...

Made to order.


Our sundials are unique, all sizes, calculated for all façade orientation.

They are compared with scientific instruments of precision.


Engravings inscriptions and motifs on stone (memorial plaques, headstones).

Restoration of old patrimony (Var 83)

Restoration of Historical Monuments and "old patrimony" according to the rules of craftsmanship.

Pierres de Rosette - 7150 Hameau des Bertrands - 83340 LE THORONET (Var 83, France)

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Pierres de Rosette :


Every stone has its own secret...

Phone : ++ 4 94 60 79 85

Pierres de Rosette : Master stonemason in « Le Thoronet » Var 83