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"Tuff" Door frame's cutting

“Sommiers” ’s cutting with the “taillant” (stone-cutter’s tool with both ends cutting).

Stone Door frame's cutting (Var 83)
Stone Door frame's cutting (Var 83)
Stone Door frame's cutting

Stone Arch (Var 83)   Stone jambs (Var 83)
Display of the arch and the jambs.

Tuff was formed by limestone deposits on vegetables found at certain sources or on small shallow streams waterfalls. The plant support then disappeared and left the empty places (hollow tubes, alveoli) which characterize this cliff.


Installation of a Door frame in carved stone


Former door frame in built stones.

Former door in buit stones (Var 83)

Before works.


Jambs in cut stone.

Jambs' implementation (Var 83)

Jambs’ implementation.


Preparation for the lowered arch installation.

Preparation for the lowered arch installation (Var 83)

Coffering’s implementation.


Lowered arch installation (Var 83) 

 « Voussoirs » ‘s installation.



Door frame in cut stone.

Doorframe in cut stone (Var 83)



 Cut stone Table


Polishing (finishes) of the table top.

Polishing of the table top (Var 83)


View of the table top and feet in carved stone.

Table in carved stone (Var 83)

Room for 12 around the table...(Var 83)

Room for 12 around the table...



Stone Fireplace’s cutting


Raw carrier’s girder.

Drawing on stone (Var 83)

Drawing on stone.

Girder’s cutting.

Mouldings and ornamentations' cutting (Var 83°

Mouldings and ornamentations’ cutting.

Raw fireplace leg.

Raw fireplace leg (Var 83)

Drawing on stone.

Leg carving.

Leg carving (Var 83)

Moulding cutting with a stone-cutter's chisel.

Finished fireplace leg. 

Finished fireplace leg (Var 83)

Presentation of the fireplace’s elements and detail of the girder’s ornamentation.

Stone fireplace (Var 83)



Pose of a stone Fireplace

Pose of a stone fireplace (Var 83) 
 Click here to see the fireplace's pose in detail... 

Small Bormes’ stone Bell tower

Stone bell tower before works (Var 83)

Before works.

Preparation of the bell tower’s base and implementation of the arch.

Bell tower's base (Var 83)


Cut and installation of the small Bormes’ stone « voussoirs ».

Arch installation (Var 83)   The stonemasson is working...(Var 83)


Bormes’ stone bell tower.

Bormes' stone bell tower (Var 83)

After works.

Replacement of the Medici Vases Bases in carved stone

Former base (Var 83)

Cracked base.

New base’s cutting.

Cutting with the stone-cutter’s chisel.

Cutting with the stone-cutter's chisel (var 83)


Cutting with the stone-cutter's chisel : detail (var 83)


Stone « Epannelage » and mouldings’ carving.

Mouldings' carving (Var 83)


Distorted base’s replacement.

Putting up the scaffolding.

Uprising of the vase (Var 83)


Uprising of the vase and removal of the rusty metallic piece which caused the stone’s explosion.

Rusty metallic piece (Var 83)


Vase’s removal.

Stone vase's removal (Var 83)


New base’s installation.

New base's installation (Var 83)


The vase on its new base (Var 83)

New old-looking base.

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