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Creation of a sundial

Sundial le Thoronet Var 83

Hand engraving of the sundial.

Hand engraving of the sundial

The tools…the stone.

The dial on the wall

The dial on its geographical point.

Detail of this sundial

A particular detail of this sundial.

This sundial was calculated for the south facade of the Bastide des Moures situated in the municipality of the Thoronet (Var 83).

This is a precision dial, vertical declining type.

It indicates the solar time of the place as well as the height of the sun in the sky.

Its motto is from Frédéric Mistral. It means “life is only a reflection of sun” in Provencal.


A short video on the engraving of the dial…

The simple movement of shadow on lines engraved on the stone, hides the complex study of the movement of the Earth around the sun.


We make different types of sundials (horizontal, vertical, equatorial,…), all sizes (from the small to the monumental one).

These dials can indicate seasons, astrological signs, a particular date (inauguration, birthday,…).

You can choose inscriptions and ornamentations that you wish.

Each sundial is accompanied with its personal manual.


Do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can create together, your personal sundial...


Other sundials designs

Vertical sundial Septèmes-les Vallons (13)

The plan of this dial recalls that of a southern dial (it was designed for a façade practically facing due south).

It was engraved on a hard stone which was formed approximately 70 million years ago.


Size : 60 x 60 x 4 [cm]

Sundial Septèmes-les-Vallons

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Vertical sundial
Cagnes-sur-Mer (06)

Sundial Cagnes-sur-Mer (06)

Vertical sundial calculated for a northwest facade (illuminated only in the afternoon by the sun).

Its motto "FUI SUM ERO" is in Latin, it means "I was, I am, I’ll be... "

This dial was engraved on a beige amber semi-hard stone. It is an oolitic precipitation limestone (consisted of small spheres formed 160 million years ago in the oceans by limestones enveloping on small hard grains of quartz’s shell).

Size : 90 x 70 x 2 [cm]

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Vertical sundial
Tourtour (Var 83)

Sundial of a North Northwest facade. The hour read on curves in eight indicates the summer time.

Semi hard stone.

Size : 90 x 70 x 3 [cm]

Sundial Tourtour Var 83

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Vertical sundial
Verrières-le-Buisson (91)

Sundial Verrières-le-Buisson

Sundial indicating the solar time.

The time’s equation is represented by the curve in eight which is astride the line of noon.

7 diurnal arcs were engraved on the dial.

Its motto is from Leonardo da Vinci, transcribed in Italian "Niente è intelligibile senza ombre e luce" which means " Nothing is understandable without shadows and light ".

Semi hard stone.

Size : 80 x 80 x 3 [cm]



Vertical sundial
Haut de Cagnes (06)

The dial indicates the solar time.

Every year, during the day of 22nd February, the extremity of the style‘s shadow will describe a hyperbola which will follow the blue arc.

The stone (which constitutes the dial’s table) is a semi-hard sedimentary limestone with fine beige grains, formed during the Jurassic period, 160 million years ago.

Size : 80 x 90 x 3 [cm]

Sundial Cagnes 06


Vertical sundial
Thoronet (Var 83)

Sundial le Thoronet Var 83

The dial indicates the solar time.

2 diurnal arcs symbolized by the extremities of half an hour lines (on the 4th  January  the “style’s shadow describes a hyperbola which follows the superior limit of the half an hour lines and on the 23rd March  the shadow evolves on a curved line bounded by the lower limit of the half an hour lines). 

Hard marble stone.

Size : 60 x 60 x 4 [cm]




Vertical sundial Saint-Zacharie (Var 83)

The dial indicates the solar time.

It was designed for a facade situated in Saint-Zacharie (in the Var), facing west southwest.

Every year, during the day on the 12th March, the extremity of the style’s shadow will follow the yellow arch.

The sundial was engraved on a small hard limestone’s plate.

Size : 45 x 45 x 2 [cm]

Sundial Saint-Zacharie Var 83


Vertical sundial Taradeau (Var 83)

Sundial Taradeau Var 83

Vertical sundial calculated for a South South West facade.

Sundial indicating the solar time.

During the winter solstice, the eyepiece's point of light follows the red superior arc.

The 11th may, the light circle is developing on the red inferior arc.

This dial was engraved on a hard stone.

Size : 100 x 58 x 2 [cm]




Vertical sundial Salernes (Var 83)

This dial was created for a South South West facade.

It is actually in exhibition in Salernes in the park of "Authentic Matériaux, matériaux anciens".

The curve in eight graved on the noon line symbolizes the time’s equation. It helps us to convert easily the solar time read on the dial into time on a clock.

The dial was engraved on a plate made of semi hard limestone.

Size : 90 x 80 x 3 [cm]

Sundial Salernes Var 83



Vertical sundial la Destrousse (13)


Sundial La Destrousse

Vertical sundial designed for a South South West face at la Destrousse.

The sundial uses the movement of the earth around the sun to indicate the solar time or a date.

During the winter solstice, when the sun trajectory is the lowest in the sky, the centre eyepiece’s point of light follows the superior red arc.

During the summer solstice, when the sun trajectory is the highest in the sky, the point of light goes through the red inferior arc.

This dial was engraved on a hard stone.

Size : 80 x 55 x 3 [cm]


Vertical sundial Cotignac (Var 83)

The dial indicates the solar time.

Its plan was designed for a South South West facade at Cotignac.

The style (dial part which creates the shadow) is made of brass. Its extremity is arrow-shaped.

The stone (which constitutes the dial plate) is made of hard limestone.

Size : 80 x 60 x 2 [cm]

Sundial Cotignac Var 83



Vertical sundial Néoules (Var 83)


Sundial Néoules Var 83

Vertical sundial designed for a South facade at Néoules.

The dial was engraved on a hard stone.

Dimensions : 48 x 60 x 2 [cm]



Armillary sundial in marble and brass

This armillary sundial has the peculiarity to be adjustable. It can indicate the solar time under latitudes included between 30 and 65 °.

A light point indicates the sun’s height in the sky and allows to read the date.

Size : 38 x 140 [cm]

Armillary sundial

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Horizontal sundial on a funeral plate  (Giens, Var 83)

Sundial on a funeral plate

This horizontal sundial is a tribute to the sailor Gilles Barbanson represented here with his wife on his Figaro’s boat. This funeral plate also integrates a wind rose with a weather vane in brass.  

Semi hard stone.

Size : 60 x 110 x 4 [cm]



Horizontal sundial Cagiallo (Suisse)

The hourly lines’ plan of this horizontal sundial takes into account corrections of : the winter time zone and longitude.

Size : 30 x 30 x 1.5 [cm]

Sundial Cagiallo


Commemorative Stele (le Thoronet 83) 

Stele Commemorating the most important dates of 2 Great Wars through a Solar Calendar.


The metal eyepiece projects a point of light on the stone which moves as the sun moves during the day. The height is determined by the season.


Curves symbolize the route followed by the point of light during the remembrance of every event.


Size : 210 x 160 x 30 [cm]

Solar calendar le Thoronet Var 83


Sundial's commission

Member of the Sundials’ Commission of the Astronomical Company of France

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